Young Adults

Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Oakland and San Francisco
Oakland San Francisco Therapist Loss Young AdultsYou are no longer a “teenager” and yet not considered an adult, you are in the newly classified stage of Young Adulthood. It is a time of great transition and as a result, can be exciting but also overwhelming. It is during this time that many face the challenge of figuring out who they are not only in relation to their families, but in relation to their own ideas of themselves, their peers and their social environment.

It is the first time that many people begin to look at how they manage themselves and their lives and therapy can be particularly helpful.


Some of the ways in which therapy can help are:

  • Assessing the problem – many times young adults knowsomething is not right but are not sure exactly what it is
  • Feeling more satisfied in your relationships
  • Explore struggles with sexuality or gender identity
  • Clarify career ideas / goals
  • Improve your ability to cope with academic stress
  • Examine your identity in relation to those around you – i.e. family, friends, significant others
  • Manage drug and alcohol use
  • Evaluate your relationship to food and /or manage weight issues

The valuable insights and tools gained from being in therapy can benefit you now and be useful to you throughout your adult life. Getting therapy as a young adult can change the course of your life for the better.